Ryan Mouque Golf

Tailored for professional and amateur golfers that are committed to improving their game.

My approach to coaching

With a focus on regular communication and clear direction, I work with players to develop a plan that matches their time availability and learning style. We can be as simple or as in depth as we need, in order for you to achieve your end goals. I offer both in-person and online coaching.

Online Coaching

Online coaching is changing the way we teach the game. It makes regular and consistent communication between player and coach more accessible.

I run all my online coaching through Skillest, where I have students that are exclusively online and students that I see in-person and online, we can work together to find what suits you best.

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In-Person Coaching

I run all in-person coaching through a few select locations in South East Queensland. Before organising any in-person sessions it's important to first establish goals and objectives so we can determine what's the best use of our time together.

If we've not worked together before, please contact me for a free 15 minute discussion about your game.

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Reaching your potential

Some days golf is the easiest sport on the planet, other's nothing works no matter what you do. It's my job to help you navigate this game, to do this there are foundational 'must haves' when I work with any student.


You must be comfortable with practicing on a regular basis. I will help guide your practice, but first and foremost practice must be a part of your approach to the game if you are to reach your potential.


Playing regularly is a given, like practice you have to be teeing it up consistently. Some of the most valuable lessons you can learn will be learned on the golf course, my job is to help you identify and learn these lessons.

Regular contact

I need to be in regular contact with my students to ensure they stay on track, from regular swing check-ins, to post round debriefs. If I'm to understand what's going to work for you I need to build a relationship that will help me understand all aspects of your game.

Growth mindset

Working with me may be different to what you're used to, it's important to keep an open mind and trust the process. It won't always be easy, but with the right mindset, reaching your goals will be much easier.

A clear plan


To get the best, you have to work with the best.

Always learning

Backed by countless hours of training in the latest in Golf coaching and development.

  • PGA Australia Certified (Advanced in Coaching)
  • TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Level 1 Certified
  • TPI Level 2 Golf Coach
  • TPI Level 2 Junior Golf Coach
  • Trackman Level 2 Certified
  • Wedge Matrix Accredited
  • SAM Putt Lab (Science and Motion) Level 1 Certified
  • Capto Putting Level 2 Certified
  • Swing Catalyst Level 2 Certified
  • Superspeed Level 3 Certified
  • Skilled Coaching Alliance Level 1
  • Gravity Fit Certified
  • BodiTrak Certified
  • Game Like Training Certified