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Ryan has learnt from some of the best coaches in the world such as Dana Dahlquist, Chris Como, Jeff Smith, James Sieckmann & many more. This has lead Ryan to work with professional & amateur athletes who have a thirst to improve their games.

Online coaching is done through Skillest, where Ryan has done over 4000 online lessons and a has 5 star rating from his students.

Ryan Mouque - PGA Golf Professional

Ryan Mouque Golf Online Coaching Programs

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Single Lesson
$125 USD

Limited Plan
$200 USD / mo

Premium Plan
$300 USD / mo

Platinum Plan
$500 USD / mo

Each online lesson includes a detailed analysis and fully customised video of myself demonstrating exactly what you need to work on & how to practice these changes during your practice session.

Number of lessons online


2 per month



24/7 support between lessons

Practice Plan

Monthly Zoom Call

1 per month

2 per month

Access to
e-Book, PLUS online video series

Over $400 Value!


What students are saying…

Ryan has wildly exceeded my expectations for how helpful virtual lessons can be. I specifically chose him over dozens of other coaches because of how effectively he is able to communicate what is wrong and how to fix it.

Zachary G.

I would highly recommend Ryan to anyone! Ive only been working with Ryan for 3 months and my skills have improved more in this short time frame than over 2 years of in person lessons. I would recommend him to anyone looking to take their golf game to the next level!

Tyler H.

I highly recommend taking lessons with Ryan. I love the online format & Ryan strikes the perfect balance of analyzing my swing in detail but keeping the changes simple/focused. The personalized drills are worth the cost alone.

Kevin H.


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Online Golf Coaching with Ryan Mouque